• Evangelism - A New Dawn

    Faithfuls at the evangelistic campaign in Kawangware.

  • 10 Days of Prayer

    Join us in this year's 10 Days of Prayer.

  • AFCOEs in Africa - Nairobi

    Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) Africa in Nairobi! Visit www.afcoeafrica.com

  • Enriching youth programmes

    Welcome to Adventist Youth program that runs every Sabbath afternoon

  • Have faith in God!

    Believe in God! Have faith in Jesus! With a humble and confidence in Jesus Christ you will be successful and happy.

  • Time to Worship

    Come let us worship the Lord together.

  • Deacons Annual Retreat

    Annual retreat for deacons to Nanyuki

10 Days of Prayer

Welcome to 10 days of Prayer program

General Conference

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Prayer Focus

Resources for Personal Prayer, Bible Study, Worship including prayer requests...

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Prayer Request

Make your requests to God and He will answer according to His will.

Prayer Request

  • We must have the power of God in our camp meetings, or we shall not be able to prevail against the enemy of souls. Christ says: "Without Me ye can do nothing."

    Ellen G. White - Testimonies for the Church Volume Six, Page 31
  • Our camp meetings should be so conducted as to accomplish the greatest possible amount of good. Let the truth be properly presented and represented by those who believe it. It is light, the light of heaven, that the world needs, and whatever manifests the Lord Jesus Christ is light.

    Ellen G. White - Testimonies for the Church Volume Six, Page 31
  • You only live once. Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Believe in yourself! Live each day as it were your last

    Ellen G. White - Testimonies for the Church Volume Six, Page 31
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